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✨ Customising Your Order 🤩 - Instructions

✨ Customising Your Order 🤩 - Instructions

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Hello there!💗 Do you ever feel like there's something about the items in our store that doesn't quite meet your expectations?  Or perhaps you have some cool ideas you'd like me to bring to life? Feel totally welcome to chat with me about getting a custom-made product that's exactly what you're envisioning! 🤩 

Just drop me a message on Instagram or shoot an email over to to share your thoughts. I'm excited to hear what's on your mind! Since crafting custom orders involves a few extra steps, there might be some additional costs. I'll be sure to provide you with more details once I've heard your ideas.

Just a quick note: let's chat before placing any orders, if that's cool with you!  Also, please note that it could take 1-3 more working days to finish your customised product. Thank you!❤️

P.S. Some popular custom projects include:
- Change the expressions for fruits;
- Personalised outfits for capybaras;
- Product size adjustments;
- ...
- Got more cool ideas? Tell me whenever you're ready—I'm all ears!! 📪


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